Bon Giovi

Bon Giovi are already without doubt one of the best Bon Jovi tribute bands to surface in the UK. Representing the band from 1992-95, Bon Giovi showcase all the hits, from the bubblegum rock of 'You Give Love A Bad Name' to the more evolved songwriting style that is 'Always'.

The players in Bon Giovi have all served their musical apprenticeships and have come together to form a band worthy of the banner 'tribute'

George Payas (Jon Bon Jovi) - Lead Vocals and Guitar.
Singing from an early age, George has already played the role of Jovi's frontman when he appeared on 'Stars In Their Eyes'. He is an experienced performer and an uncanny soundalike.

Keith Herman (Richie Sambora) - Guitars and Backing Vocals.
A graduate of both ACM in Guildford and GIT in London, Keith exemplifies the modern rock guitarist playing in a myriad of styles, sounds and tricks to 'wow' any lover of the guitar.

Wayne Lee Harris (David Bryan) - Keyboards and Backing Vocals.
From behind his wall of keyboards, Wayne plays a vital role in harnessing the Bon Jovi sound. A formidable player who loves a crowd.

Cameron Healy (Tico Torres) - Drums.
A powerhouse of a drummer, Cameron's rhythmic sensibility holds the band together musically. A master at the drum stool, his ability is matched only by his wicked sense of humour..

Tony Clark (Alec Jon Such) - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals.

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