Boy George

A 29 year old man from Battersey, Keith George has been selected to receive the JPC Entertainer of the Year Award for his 'Stars In Their Eyes' style show.

Keith George offers the ultimate 'Boy George Experience', presenting an act that has been noted by many to be one of the best Boy George soundalike performers in the world.

Following five years extensive experience singing professionally, Keith began to perform as Boy George when friends and family commented that he sounded so much like the real thing.

Keith now performs at a wide variety of venues from small private events to large corporate functions and everything in between. Keith's performances have grown to become such a resounding success that he now travels worldwide in order to satisfy a demand for his sell-out shows. Including far flung places like Capetown, New Zealand and the USA.

Last year whilst performing in Australia, Keith received a request from Boy George himself, who said he had heard favourable things about his act and wanted to meet him. A meeting was arranged and Keith finally got to meet his idol, although he does admit that he was so star-struck that he can hardly remember what was said.

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