Joan Collins Lookalike (Barbara Kealy)

Barbara Kealy has been a Joan Collins lookalike for several years now. She became a lookalike purely by chance. So many people have told her how much she looks like Joan and acts like Joan. The resemblance is uncanny, in fact, even spooky.

Barbara has appeared all over the UK and overseas in places like :- Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Scotland, Holland and Austria.

She has also appeared many times in the national press and well known magazines.

TV Shows include :-
Rory Bremner, Pebblemill, Big Breakfast, Vanessa, Ester Ranzan, London Tonight, Noel's House Party, Children In Need.

Barbara is available for TV, Videos, all types of corporate work, Hollywood Oscar Nights, private parties, etc.

0845 475 1303
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