Whole Lotta Led

'This group is widely regarded as the finest replicas of seminal rock dinosaurs Led Zeppelin. They were stunning in their authenticity' - Colchester Evening Gazette.

'Whole Lotta Led rampaged their way through two hours of the best of Led Zeppelin's catalogue - and they did it staggeringly well' - Bristol Evening Post

'The greatest Led Zeppelin tribute on the circuit, Led Zeppelin themselves would most definitely approve' - Guildhall, Gloucester

'Formed in 1993, Whole Lotta Led cover the complete spectrum of Zeppelin with a collective enthusiasm and dedication to the material that is second to none' - The Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne

'The only Led Zeppelin tribute that matters' - The Tower, Winchester

'Led Zeppelin are considered by many to be the greatest rock band of all time, Whole Lotta Led are one of the greatest tribute bands' - Lanterns, Ashburton

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