Kings of Queen

Kings of Queen are an exciting five piece band consisting of lead vocals, bass/backing vocals, drums/backing vocals and keyboards/backing vocals.

Fronting the band is the amazingly talented David Kinghorn with his incredible voice, Kings of Queen present a spectacular performance that can only be described as breathtaking.

Having a wealth of musical talent (which they have perfected playing in top bands in prestigious venues throughout the UK) has resulted in a show that recreates the Queen phenomenon as it should be done. The brilliant vocals, together with their unique sence of theatricality produces a superb visual act, sensational music and a high energy non-stop performance full of power and passion that is unmistakably LIVE QUEEN. The band is making a huge impression and receiving rave reviews everywhere they go.

David's stunning stage presence and natural flamboyance gives a thrilling night to remember and a rare opportunity to hear the chart toppers from power rock to ballads performed in the style of the original artistes.

Having masses of professionalism and showmanship together with commitment to quality makes Kings of Queen the hottest tribute band on the scene today.

These charismatic musicians are backed by a top quality concert soung system, full lighting and numerous special effects.

0845 475 1303
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