The Counterfeit Stones

It's 1963 and the Stones are scruffy and raw. Fresh out of the blues cellars they open the show playing a short selection of Chuck meets Bo Diddly. This was the music that created the catalyst that brought the band together and was to be the foundation that put the primitive jungle ingredient in their sound.

You are then taken on a fantastic time machine with their early self penned hits, and with a bit of imagination you are watching them on Ready Steady Go, Ed Sullivan or Top Of The Pops.

Their clothes are a feast of tab collar shirts, jumbo cord trousers, Cuban heels and short jackets. In this first half, you are watching the early years, from Edith Grove to Carnaby Street - with the songs of that period.

Moving on 20 years, the Stones operation has grown into a gigantic world conquering machine. The numbers in this set aren't just songs; they're anthems. Their clothes are exclusive designer items. A cocktail of leopard skin, pink satin, cat suits and sequins. In this half you are watching the stadium years. Jumpin Jack Flash has been born and the music weaves a tapestry of their greatest hits and album tracks from 1967 to 1980.

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