Watching T-Rextasy in concert demands stamina, a good pair of bopping shoes and a healthy set of lungs to sing along to the rock-a-boogie songs that made Marc Bolan the leading force of Glam Rock. After the initial impact of T-Rextasy's stage presence and the uncanny resemblance to Marc Bolan in voice and looks from their lead guitarist and frontman Danielz, you know that you're in for an evening's worth of hot Bolanic hits.

In 2001, BBC1 television chose T-Rextasy out of 2000 tribute bands to perform on a special one-off programme called
'Battle Of The Fantasy Bands', where they were presented with the accolade of 'Best Live Tribute Band in the UK'.

'Absolutely amazing, when I saw Danielz on stage a shiver went up my spine. If there's anyone who can step into Marc's shoes I'd like it to be him' - June Bolan (Marc's wife).

'They're fantastic - best tribute band in the world. Danielz has got the look and sound exactly right and is even the same height as Marc' - Tony Visconti (Marc's producer)

'They are the closest you are ever gonna get to the real thing'
Bill Legend (T-Rex drummer 1971-1973)

'T-Rextasy are a great tribute to my dad and they are doing a fantastic job keeping his music and legend alive. They have my support 100%' - Rolan Bolan (Marc's son)

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