Carolyn Rowe

So many Bassey fans now acknowledge Carolyn Rowe as the closest vocal tribute to Shirley that you're ever likely to come across. Further proof came when Carolyn was asked to sing on BBC Radio 2 as part of Shirley's 60th birthday celebrations.

Now established as the 'Shirley Bassey Experience', Carolyn is in great demand all over Britain and Europe performing at major hotel chains, holiday centres, leisure parks, cabaret and country clubs. For theatre and corporate events the show is further enhanced by her own six piece band.

The 'Shirley Bassey Experience' recreates the magic of Bassey. Her songs and glamour, her passion and tears. Together with glitzy costumes and splendour Carolyn Rowe can be the only serious alternative for those who love this great legend.

0845 475 1303
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