Tom Jones Soundalike (Billy Lee)

Londoner Billy Lee took to the stage in 1981 in a theatre production which encouraged him to look for a future in the entertainment business.

During the same year BBC Radio spotted this up and coming star and invited him for an interview and immediately his career in vocally impersonating stars from the 50's and 60's took off.

Billy perfected his cabaret act working in clubs and theatres up and down the country introducing new soundalikes into his act.

He went full time in 1995, hitting the market with new publicity and now being booked as a soundalike as well as a singer/entertainer.

Billy made his television debut on Saturday 11th April 1998 on Granada T.V's 'Star In Their Eyes' performing as Tom Jones. Since his outstanding debut appearance Billy has had a dozen or so television appearances to his credit and is regularly on national radio as an impersonator of different stars.

Billy's finest achievement came when after being heard by Paul Gambaccini he was asked by record producer Charlie Skarbeck to be the demo artist for 2 songs written for and presented to Tom Jones himself.

Like Tom, Billy really comes into his own in his live stage show. The fast moving, hot blooded, live performances, always leave audiences hungry for more.

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