Tom Jones Impersonator (Martin Jarvis)

Martin Jarvis began his career in the music industry playing guitar and singing in a band supporting the likes of 'The Who' and 'The Small Faces'.

After moving into the cabaret circuit as a solo artiste, Martin travelled the world performing his show to audiences in theatres, on cruise liners and even performed in Las Vegas alongside Anthony Newley.

Because of his powerful voice, Martin was always compared with Tom Jones and endlessly requested to perform a 'Tom' song.

Well, one song led to another and soon he was performing a complete Tom Jones Tribute Show all around the world.

Since the success of the 'Reload' album, Tom Jones has gained a new set of fans and Martin has blended the new set of songs into the act alongside the old favourites.

On 17th June 2001, Martin appeared on television for the new Digital TV show 461 called 'Where It's At' and performed 'It's Not Unusual' and 'Sexbomb'.

In September 2001 Martin performed at the London Paladium in the 'Hands Across The Sea' Benefit Concert for the relatives, friends and survivors of the September 11th New York Disaster.

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